Honda CBR 900 RR

In October 1946, Soichiro Honda founded the “Honda Research Institute of Technology”. The first Honda product was motorized bicycle. The bike had a 50 ccm engine, taken from a radio equipment generator for post-war military trucks. After out of stock situation, Honda made a copy of these engines, thus creating the first model – “model A” later called “Bata Bata”.

The Honda Institute was liquidated in 1946 for 1 million yen and that money was used for creating a new company called “Honda Motor Co.”. Ltd “. At the same time, Soichiro Honda hired engineers Kihachiro Kawashima and Takeo Fujisawa who provided their contribution in the field of business and marketing. The close partnership between Honda and Fujisawa lasted until 1973 when both of them left the company.

The first motorcycle completely manufactured by Honda is “Model D” from 1949. In a short time (until 1964), Honda became the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer.

Since the beginning of the production of motorcycles, Honda has been the largest manufacturer in Japan. As a small company, Honda promoted the Japanese motorcycle market and started the export to the United States. In a short time and thanks to a successful marketing campaign, Honda has sold around 90,000 motorcycles for 3 years.

Honda is a manufacturer that at its peak (1982) produced nearly 3 million motorcycles annually. Today it is reduced to around 550,000, but it is still a figure that is much higher in relation to the main three domestic competitors.

Honda is mostly known for its quality, engine endurance, but also as a synonym for speed and racing. It has a legendary line up of Super Sport motorcycles – CBR. Previous story has been told because we have found and bought the famous 1992. model Honda CBR 900 RR SC 28.

Related to the above mentioned, fans of Honda have their own hero within the racing category and ideology. That legend is Tadao Baba, and his story is forever etched into the fascinating history that is the Honda CBR 900 RR. Single-handedly creating a new class of sport bike, the Honda CBR 900 RR is revered because it merged near liter bike power into a 600 cc sized package and profile. Like the original Suzuki GSX-R750 or even the original Kawasaki 900 cc Ninja, the Honda CBR 900 RR raised the bar and reset expectations about how good a sport bike could be.

The design language behind the RR model was “total control”. Designer and project lead Tadao Baba developed the direction after riding 1000 cc models from the competition, wondering why they even called them sport bikes – they were too heavy. Starting with a 750 cc concept initially, but then lengthening the stroke to arrive at 893 cc, the first generation RR models were only a few kg heavier than the existing CBR 600, but a whopping 34 – 45+ kg lighter than any of the competitors in the models above 750 cc. To say Honda approached this with a maniacal focus on weight loss was an understatement. The frame is all aluminum, as is the heavily braced swingarm. The liquid cooled, carbureted in-line four developed a stout 122 HP, and with the release Honda achieved their “total control” aim and instantly redefined the large sport bike class. The bike carried an internal model code SC28, and was know both by nomenclature (CBR 900 RR) as well as “The Fireblade”.

Tadao Baba was so involved in the development of this bike, that stories circulate about his showing up on the factory floor during initial production, just to ensure the bikes were being assembled correctly. In some cases, he actually signed the inside of some fairing panels. He was consumed by the concept of the bike, and the focus and drive of his 30+ years in Honda R&D came through with stunning clarity.

The Fireblade is a legend, and as far as our example is concerned this legendary motorcycle was treated with a full cosmetic and engine restoration with the goal of retaining as much of the original paint and component finishes as possible. The result is a very original first year CBR 900 RR in showroom-like condition, that rides as good as it looks.

With this motorcycle legend, we have to say a lot, to explain a lot….everything in order to get You closer to this “out of time” machine, but here we stop and at the end of the story we present Honda CBR 900 RR. Produced in 1992. Through pictures and specifications, enjoy the offered model.


ModelHonda CBR 900 RR SC 28
CategorySuper Sport
Displacement893 ccm
Engine typeIn-line four, four stroke
Power89,7 kW / 122 HP
Top speed264 km/h
Bore x stroke70 x 58 mm
Fuel controlDOHC
Cooling systemLiquid
Transmission type, final driveChain
Front tyre130/70-ZR16
Rear tyre180/55-ZR17
Front brakesDual disc
Rear brakesSingle disc
Weight incl. oil, gas, etc.206 kg
Fuel capacity18 l
Mileage37.000 km
Price8.490 EUR © 2024