• All of our bikes are serviced and technicaly maintained by moto-service „Red Moto Garage“
  • „Red Moto Garage“ is lead by Akos Vörös who finished secondary specialized school for motorcycle repairers in Budapest
  • His theoretical knowledge is perfected through the six-year practice in an authorized Honda motorcycle service
  • In 2016 begining to operate independently and sets up „Red Moto Garage“ service
  • „Red Moto Garage“ provides a complete service and tire service for motorcycle above 125 ccm
  • In addition to the above mentioned „Red Moto Garage“ offers restoration services for classic motorcycles
  • „Red Moto Garage“ is able to offer services of roadside assistence, on-site repairs and moto-scow service. You do not have to beg anyone to transport Your motorcycle; transport services that “Red Moto Garage” include high quality service, safe and affordable transport across Europe. You never know when You will need a scow service or motorcycle transport and therefore write down the phone number of the “Red Moto Garage”
  • „Red Moto Garage“ also can purchase new and used motorcycle parts for Your bike at very resonable prices
  • Contact: +381 (0)63 837 3189;



Pasicevo Photography

A very important aspect of the presentation is photography that tries, as well as possible, to bring You ( our loyal customers ) visually closer to our motorcycles.


Treat so that humanity in your personality and the personality of each other always re-use as a target , and never as a means

Taking photos as a hobby , turned into everyday love taking pictures , which is always worth more than a thousand words .

Photos you can see and buy for yourself, your archives , future events and business.