• All of our bikes are serviced and technicaly maintained by moto-service „Red Moto Garage“
  • „Red Moto Garage“ is lead by Akos Vörös who finished secondary specialized school for motorcycle repairers in Budapest
  • His theoretical knowledge is perfected through the six-year practice in an authorized Honda motorcycle service
  • In 2016 begining to operate independently and sets up „Red Moto Garage“ service
  • „Red Moto Garage“ provides a complete service and tire service for motorcycle above 125 ccm
  • In addition to the above mentioned „Red Moto Garage“ offers restoration services for classic motorcycles
  • „Red Moto Garage“ is able to offer services of roadside assistence, on-site repairs and moto-scow service. You do not have to beg anyone to transport Your motorcycle; transport services that “Red Moto Garage” include high quality service, safe and affordable transport across Europe. You never know when You will need a scow service or motorcycle transport and therefore write down the phone number of the “Red Moto Garage”
  • „Red Moto Garage“ also can purchase new and used motorcycle parts for Your bike at very resonable prices
  • Contact: +381 (0)63 837 3189;


Photos are an important segment of our story. With them, we try in the best possible way to present and visually bring our offer closer to You / our valued customers. Danica Kovačević is responsible for all the great photos on our website (which You can contact via e-mail address: )

“Its not the camera but whos behind the camera”


Just as our motorcycles are divided into classics and modern classics, so is our service divided into these two groups of motorcycles. Namely, we have a classics mechanic/restorer and a modern classics mechanic. We believe, despite increase of costs, that the quality and a focus of the mechanic on a specific group of motorcycles has no price and can not be valorized. With this we return to the beginning of our story that we want to be leaders in improving and giving the perfection of the objects of our business – motorcycles – classics and modern classics.