Kawasaki GPZ 900 R

Shozo Kawasaki as a young man, has been in trade business with sugar, which is why he had to travel around the world. He noticed that the Japanese ships are in much worse shape than European ones, and decided to manufacture its own ships. In April 1876, Japanese Government gives him the land on which Shozo sets up a company – Kawasaki Tsukiji. With the help of the Japanese finance minister, in 1894 he manages to obtain a permit for the transport of goods in major Japanese routes. In 1897 they made the highest number of ships and over the next 15 years improved their production to the point that they began to compete with European ships. Today, Kawasaki shipyard produces ships for transportation of liquefied petroleum gas.

In 1906 Mr. Kawasaki founded the firm HYOGO WORKS which initially produced locomotives and freight trucks, and then perfected the production of airplanes, only 15 years after the first flight of the Wright brothers.

In fifties of the 20th century, Japan experienced a major development….Shozo Kawasaki decided to manufacture motorcycles. However, this is not the first attempt of Kawasaki. In 1924. they tried to produce motorcycles, but because of the small interest, production was discontinued.

After several failed attempts breaking to the motorcycles scene in 1960. under the patronage of Kawasaki Aircraft Co., first motorcycle had been manufactured – “New Ace” with 125 ccm two-stroke engine. To the possession of know-how and technology Kawasaki group came, purchasing the oldest Japanese motorcycle factory – Meguro Motorcycles. During six years of successful sales with 125 ccm engines, factory portfolio had been gradually enriched by more powerful models ( W1, A1, A7 Avenger ).

In 1969. Kawasaki catches up with the competition producing a model “H1”, with an engine of 500 ccm, known as “Mach III”. Kawasaki started a true revolution, launching model Z with 903 ccm, which, thanks to uncompromising performance, quickly had been dubbed – the king of motorcycles. Three years later, refreshed “Z900” arrived. At the end of the seventies factory in Akashi launched “Z 1000”, and soon after, in 1978….the legendary “Z 1300”.

After the great success with the above mentioned revolutions, Kawasaki further needed something completely new, high-quality, the fastest, the best…. previous story has been told because we have found and bought the famous 1984. model Kawasaki GPZ 900 R. The model will be further discussed when fully technicaly checked and bring into the state like after leaving the factory back in 1984. In any case, as usual, we will show the pictures of the motorcycle as it was when we bought it, as well as photos of the arangement process.

Through pictures, enjoy the model in (p)reparation…..