BMW K 1300 R

Bayerische Motoren Werke. It is enough to say BMW and everybody thinks about aggression, pure adrenalin…..even when it stands. The two-cylinder boxer engine concept, dry clutch/gearbox and shaft drive transmission type….is something that BMW company still remains faithful. There are other companies that have used this concept, but none, so much as the BMW has not remained so faithful to the combination of the above mentioned pillars of a motorcycle. It is heard among the motorcycle fans that once you buy and drive a BMW motorcycle, to the end remains true to the brand.

One of the motorcycle that had BMW M2B15 unit, was from 1921. R32 was the first independent BMW and was built from 1923. to 1926. R37 was built from 1925. to 1926. R39 from 1925. to 1927. R52 from 1928. to 1929. R47 from 1926. to 1928. The company initially manufactured aircrafts and aircraft engines ( hence the origin of the logo, blue and white fields represent the propeller that cuts the sky ) and companies name at the time was BFW. In 1917. the name was changed to BMW, and by that name they have made 70 aircrafts…than the Word War I ends and the BMW gets ban on further aircraft production. In order to continue the work, they had to start to do something else. Neighboring factory “Otto” produced motorcycles and in production they had a small two-stroke 148 ccm engine for Flink motorcycle, and from BMW they requested production of 500 ccm boxer engine.

However, as the production beginning, many motorcycle enthusiasts take the year of 1923., because the R42 appeared and was produced from 1926. to 1928. The first fully developed BMW wore the R32 mark and set up a concept that is maintained till today. The characteristics of this first BMW motorcycle were: air-cooled two-cylinder boxer engine with cylinders which protrude from the silhouette, dry clutch, automotive transmission and shaft drive. Motorcycle could pull 8,5 HP from 486 ccm at 3.000 rpm, and could reach up to 97 km/h. Gearbox had three speeds which were changed manually, automatic oil pump, magneto ignition and electric light… front brakes, but it was common at the time.

An interesting moment in the history of BMW was the moment when the army requested a moto-machine capable of war. When they paused a production, they presented perhaps the most famous BMW worldwide. It was a R75 model. Two cylinder boxer drew the 26 HP from 745 ccm at 4.000 rpm. Maximum speed was 95 km/h. This was the vehicle that the world had never seen. In the beginning, it was designed with a sidecar, adapted to carry three heavily armed soldiers and a machine gun. Its working range had been from Siberia to North Africa, and that is why it was equipped with a reducer in the four speed manual gearbox. In addition to these four gears it possessed the reverse gear. The weal on the trailer was also for drive use. With these characteristics it was unstoppable. Weight of this motorcycle was almost 420 kg. Capacity was 270 kg.

Since its establishment, many models have been produced and our humble opinion is that this famous company has never made a mistake or a miss. BMW, in the motorcycle world is a symbol for quality and durability. The only thing that maybe BMW lacks for are ideas for new names, but it certainly has no lack of new models that are being developed.

For many years our attention is occupied by a model which even when standing still, looks like a complete destroyer, aggressive machine and mechanism that raises the level of adrenalin to the highest level. This is the motorcycle that, after the abolition of “Boxer Cup”, BMW prepared for the newly emerging “Powercup”. In the text above , we have deliberately mentioned base/forerunner of story that we want to tell.

“BMW K 1300 R” due to its geometry sends their proud owners in orbit like no other motorcycle. Perfect for a short race, everyday driving, but also perfect and ergonomically set up for long trips. In addition to easy production of 173 HP, production of sound from hexagonal exhaust that makes You shudder, this bike has a fuel consumption on which all the competitors should be literally jealous. Besides all the adrenalin and economic benefits, this bike, by our humble opinion, is an absolute style icon. Exactly this is what makes “BMW K 1300 R” the “modern classic” and a machine that certainly left a deep mark in motorcycle history.

The technology used in the production of this bike is what accompanies literally all BMW models, but a superb combination of previously mentioned makes it quite different from all the others in the class. Shaft drive transmission, perfect for a ride from which You can not seem to get tired, driving position, perfect braking system, very easy and convenient power delivery, wind protection on long journeys…….

All of the above mentioned makes the final consumers to buy it, but our opinion is that when You see this motorcycle, additional explanations and comparative advantages are not necessary – it is Yours and You are his forever.

To make the long story short, and to bring this modern classic to you, our dear customers, as close as we can, we present the BMW K 1300 R. Produced in 2011. Through pictures and specifications, enjoy the offered model.

Model BMW K 1300 R
Year 2011
Category Naked
Displacement 1298 ccm
Engine type In-line four, four stroke
Power 127 kW / 173 HP
Top speed 265 km/h
Bore x stroke 80 x 64,3 mm
Fuel control DOHC
Cooling system Liquid
Gearbox 6-speed
Transmission type, final drive Shaft
Front tyre 120/70-17
Rear tyre 180/55-17
Front brakes Dual disc
Rear brakes Single disc
Weight incl. oil, gas, etc. 243 kg
Fuel capacity 19l
Mileage 17.500 km
Price 11.500 EUR